Saturday, December 10, 2016

Home of a Book Lover Celebrates it's 4th Anniversary

Hi everyone!!! Today I celebrate my blog's 4th birthday! Thank you so much to all of my readers and to the publishers and authors who keep trusting me with their books for me to review. To all the new friends I've met during the book signings and other events, you guys are awesome! I can't thank you enough you are all amazing!

Well... in return, I have a present for my blog giveaway winner. I won't reveal my prizes yet though here's the clue, I have a box with me which will be filled with stuff it is book related of course, some will be random things that I think will be helpful for your reading time AND there will be a book which I won't tell what will it be.

Sorry international followers, this mystery box will be available for PHILIPPINES only. I promise I'll try to arrange a giveaway like this next time. 

Sooooo who's up for this giveaway? Good luck!!! :)

** PS. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to check the giveaway updates, I might reveal some of the items there :)


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