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Guest Post: Let Us Know Ann Everett

Hi guys, here's the first ever guest post in my blog and thank you Ann Everett for participating, it means a lot. Let us know more about this awesome author, she's a very kind woman. She's the first one who signed up in my "Seeking For Bloggers" tab, but instead of the topics I posted she wrote about herself and I am honored. It is great to have her in my blog so let us know more about her.


First, let me say a big Texas thank-you to Camelle for inviting me to guest blog. I’m honored and always happy for the chance to talk about my books.

Before I get to them, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a fourth generation Texan and lived most of my life in East Texas, except for a nine year stay in West Texas. Take my word; the areas are like two different countries. West Texas is all flat land, with no trees, and most days the wind blows, sometimes bringing with it dust storms.

East Texas, on the other hand, is hot and humid with lush trees and hay pastures. I love both places.
I’ve been married to the same man since dirt and still love him with all my heart. After almost fifty years together, I consider that quite an accomplishment! That’s not to say some days he doesn’t drive me nuts…because he does!!

I drive an eleven year old car, because there’s nothing wrong with it, so why spend money for a new one? I love to shop at re-sale stores. I hate talking on the telephone. A really sharp pencil makes me happy, and I’m glad wrinkles don’t hurt!!
Now to my books. I have two published by a small press publisher in New Hampshire, Grey Gate Media. Both titles, LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT and YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS are available at most website retailers. 

LAID OUT AND CANDLE LIT, the first in the trilogy introduces small town girl, Tizzy Donovan, a widow, single mother, sister to the county sheriff and daughter to the best baker in town. She’s also known as the local girl who talks to the dead.

When she discovers an unburied body in the cemetery, she quickly becomes suspect number one.
Enter, Texas Ranger Ridge Cooper, cutting his teeth on his first solo murder case.

YOU’RE BUSTING MY NUPTIALS; the second book in the series begins with Tizzy waiting for her groom on their wedding day. When she’s left at the altar, she enlists the help of first cousin, Jinx Monroe, and best friends, Rayann Tatum, and Synola Harper to find out what happened to the man of her dreams.

It’s not long until they’re dealing with clowns, yard gnomes, a missing stripper, and a Baptist deacon.
Many of the characters are based on my family members or people I’ve known. The stories take place in the real town of Brownsboro, Texas, where I grew up.  Here’s a rundown of my two main characters.

Marjorie Louise Donovan Cooper, age 26—Nickname, Tizzy, because from the time she was a little girl, she could lose her cool quickly. Her biggest accomplishment is four year old daughter, Gracie. The love of her life is second husband, Ridge Cooper. The thorn in her side is her dead husband, Boone Donovan, and how he keeps appearing to Gracie. Her best friends are Rayann Tatum, and Synola Harper.

James Ridge Cooper, age 34—Texas Ranger lawman. Originally from Philadelphia, but now calls Texas home. His biggest accomplishment is becoming a father to four year old, Gracie. The love of his life is Tizzy. The thorn in his side is trying to keep his wife from helping with his cases. His best friends are Jinx Monroe, and Bubba Tatum.
The books are written with lots of Southern Sass and Texas Twang, and although, they are mystery books, I concentrate heavily on humor with a little romance on the side.
Both books have won awards and gotten good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I’m currently working on the final installment in the series, which just placed as a runner up in The Next Big Strongest Start Contest. I do hope you’ll check my books out. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve listed all the sites below where you can find out more information about me and my books.
Thanks again, Camelle for inviting me to guest blog!

Ann Everett page on Amazon: 
Barnes and Noble

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