Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eden Forest Blog Tour

Hi everyone! This is the first blog tour that I organized, of course with the confirmation from the author and we are so excited for this. This blog tour includes a giveaway and it'll be 5 e-books and 1 paperback copy. There will be 6 winners all in all.

The blog tour focuses mostly on review posts but then the author is willing to accept interviews it can be author/character. Guest posts, spotlight and excerpt are acceptable too. Electronic copies will be given to those who signed up.

The tour will run from October 5 - 30 but then it may vary depends on the number of people who signed up. Worldwide giveaway is included in the tour. Let us all support the author! :) 

There will be 2 hosts each date if possible. Thank you!

Sarajane Anderson is your regular twenty one year old. With family, friends and a normal job. She also happens to be the only person who can save Saskia, a world parallel to earth.

When Sarajane is taken to Saskia, she could never have imagined the reality of the world she steps into, a world where magical abilities are in everyone's possession.

She must face a father she never knew, a world that is beyond her belief. A guardian who captures her heart, and a darkness that wants to take it.

On this journey Sarajane discovers her magical abilities and realizes they come with a price. Sarajane is truly tested, as her loved ones are put at risk. The question she must ask herself is, how do you choose who lives and who dies?

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