Thursday, August 29, 2013

Books To Movies: Divergent

Hi guys!!! Have you read Divergent already? How bout watch the trailer? Oh c'mon you guys should give it a try! It's an awesome book and one of my favorite, I'm not kidding it's awesome in so many ways! 

I've read this book already, and while reading I'm thinking and imagining what if it's a movie, it's exciting and the fighting scenes is awesome and the characters are great. Then I've heard there will be a movie of it and since then I was so excited. Then now, the first ever trailer is out! The time flies by so fast, I'm really  looking forward to this movie 2014 will be an exciting one!

Here take a peek;

I haven't posted my review of Divergent coz I've become a blogger months after reading that book well soon I'll have one here! Take note on that.

And don't forget that Allegiant is coming out this year, so many things to wait isn't it? 

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