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Book Blogger Hop: June 14th - June 20th

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What is your favorite genre? (Genre that you read most). Recommend a book.
Great question. Well basically my favorite genre are Dystopian, Fantasy, Romance/Historical Romance, and Young Adult. I don't read Classical books it's not my thing, but maybe someday I will read one. One more thing I don't like a book with an erotica genre. Some of the books I read I don't know exactly what genre it falls but mostly Young Adult coz I love it so much! 

I would like to recommend the following books:

Eden Forest - Aoife Marie Sheridan
Trang Sen - Sarah-Ann Smith
Black City - Elizabeth Richards
Phoenix - Elizabeth Richards
The Scent Of A Soul - Jennifer Thompson
PODs  - Michelle Pickett

For my reviews you guys can check it here:

Thank you!! I wanna hear your recommendations. :)

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