Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Reading Blue Bloods

Look what I'm reading right now! :) Aside from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I decided to read this one too! so basically, I'm reading this in the morning and Harry Potter at night. I don't know what comes in to my mind to read two books in one day. I find it fun!

Well let me update you about this book, it's really nice! I'm still a little bit confused actually but I find it interesting. I read this book if I have vacant time in school. I hope to finish this one soon!

Were you guys able to read this one?


  1. Haha! I feel you! I'm also reading two books at the same time. The Two Towers and Insurgent. Haha! Oh, btw, care to check my blog?


    It's also a book blog but quite informal. Unti pa lang yung posts kasi kakasimula ko pa lang. Hehe! Thank you! :)

    1. heehee nice blog you got there! :D

      reading two books at the same time is so fun! :D

  2. Do write a review after :) I always see this book around and I'm trying to figure out if it suites "my type". From what I gathered, hindi kasi medyo maganda ang reviews for Melissa dela Cruz. :(

    1. Hello Simonette! here's my book review for Blue Bloods hope I'm able to encourage you to read it :)



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