Review Policies & Ratings

Good day authors, publishers and publicists! 

I would love to read your book and make a review of it or promote it for you. I usually, prefer the printed copy of the books because it’s easier to read there also seeing them in shelves pretty much motivates me to help more authors and publishers. I also accept e-galleys, I finally got an eReader (kindle). I have NetGalley account and Kindle just email me at for more info.

I accept books in line with these genres; Young Adult, New Adult, Historical Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, Chic Lit and Indie. I post all my reviews on my blog Home of a Book Lover but I also put it on Goodreads, sometimes Tumblr. I also post my review links on my Facebook Page and Twitter

From now on, I will not post a review if I can't finish the book, for one reason, I would like to be fair to everyone. I will just email the author or publisher if I have issues. Usually before I totally give up I will read the book again another time. I don't wanna destroy the effort of the author who wrote it just because I don't like the book or it's too confusing for me. I want it to be fair and honest as long as I can.

I reside in the Philippines. I will give it through email if necessary. You can find my other reviews at my Reviews Tab. Just send me an email here

For my review ratings here are the criteria;

Awesome, mind-blowing book, interesting book. This kind of book is what I recommend to other people, recommend in a way that I will tell them over and over that they should try the book. I will tell them to read it soon. This also means that I will read it again sometime.

It's a great read and I like it. The book cover and the story somehow catches my attention and I enjoy it.

A good book, I'm just glad that I read it. It is fun to read. It is enough for me to be entertained.

Nice book/cover but it didn't catch my interest. I usually think if I should continue reading it or not, as much as I can I try to finish it and hope there's still a twist in the end.

I'm sorry it's not my type. I don't really give this because I will stop reading before I end up here. 

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