Monday, December 17, 2018

Blog Anniversary Year Five (5) and Christmas Giveaway

Hey ALL! 

It's been another busy months and days for me so I am posting my Blog Anniversary giveaway late. Well, just a quick background, I started this blog five years ago. I was inspired by another local blogger named Kate and she encouraged me to try and do blogging. So, without much confidence and trust on myself that I could do it, I still try and challenge myself every single time that I will write something to post here. I am still afraid that what if nobody visits my blog? or what if nobody really cares and reads my content? I guess those thoughts would never end but, I do thank all of my readers who constantly visit this site. I also thank those publishers and authors who trusts me to promote their books and to review the upcoming books. 

Now, in my fifth (5th) year anniversary, I would love to have another book giveaway as a way of thank you to every visitors either local or international. This giveaway will run starting from December 10 to December 31. Check the mechanics below; 

  1. Make sure that Book Depository delivers on your place/hometown. Check their list here
  2. Book price range must be between $15 to $20 only
  3. The winner must email/tweet/message me within 3days once chosen else I will choose another

  1. You can still try joining the International Reader option but if the book you prefer is available in National Bookstore or Fullybooked, just let me know 
  2. Book price range must be between $15 to $20 only [roughly around 800 to 1,100 pesos]
  3. If the winner is within Metro Manila, I do prefer meet ups instead of shipping the book
  4. The winner must email/tweet/message me within 3days once chosen else I will choose another
Once again, thank you for all the support and good luck!!! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cover Reveal: Catastrophe Queen by Emma Hart


One hot mess. One hot boss. One too many hot encounters...

Catastrophe Queen, an all-new hilarious office romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is coming January 29th!


It’s not you. It’s me.
No, seriously. It is me. Not only does my name literally mean “unfortunate,” but that’s the story of my life. 

Everything I touch turns to cr*p. An apartment fire—that I swear I was not responsible for—means I’m living back at home with my s*x-mad parents. Yay, me!

Which is why I need my new job as personal assistant to Cameron Reid to get back on my feet. Three months in this job and I can move back out and, hopefully, remember to turn off my flat iron once in a while. 


On paper, my job is easy. Make coffee. Book appointments. Keep everything in order.
Until I walk in on my boss, half-naked, wearing nothing but the kind of tiny white towel that dreams are made of.

Now, nothing is easy—except our mutual attraction. But he’s my boss, and you know what they say about mixing work and pleasure: unless you do p*rn, it’s just not worth it.
Or is it?


Pre-order your copy today!
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About Emma Hart
Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages. She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs. Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud. Yes, really. She's that sarcastic.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Book Review [ARC]: Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes by Holly Bourne


Welcome to Camp Reset, a summer camp with a difference. A place offering a shot at “normality” for Olive, a girl on the edge, and for the new friends she never expected to make – who each have their own reasons for being there. Luckily Olive has a plan to solve all their problems. But how do you fix the world when you can’t fix yourself?

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review. No payments made between me and the publisher.

"Sometimes it is comforting to know other people are going through the same thing."

I've read almost every Holly Bourne books and I had some of my favorites but every book that I've read are surely something is enjoyable to read and they are relatable. I love her writing style, it was like she really did research on the mental health things and wrote it to some kind of piece that even middle grade readers would understand.

Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes is  another book that I enjoyed reading, aside from it is purple and that's my favorite color, LOL. It is a light read but I was really curious on how the character will grow at the end of the book. Will she be cured? What will be the twist in the story? Will she break down? What was her diagnosis? Those are just some of the questions that are running in my head while reading and I really feel bad I had to stop reading from time to time.

I love Olive's personality despite her mental stability. She's always positive on things and her determination to change her situation is inspiring. Some people who has mental illness will already give up and accept their situation but Olive? She wants to be better, she wanted to get well for herself and her family's sake. I think that kind of attitude is something we should have. It hard I know but trying is free, so why not take the risks? I guess on her journey, by reading this book I've learned something, it is okay to fall but make sure to get back up, there are other people who are waiting for you because to them you are an inspiration even if you don't see it yourself.

I do recommend this book to other readers out there, it's good to read something like this, straightforward and simple. I am looking forward for more Holly Bourne books and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy them too.


"What people don't understand about feeling such potent sadness is, when it lifts, it really lets you know what happiness means."

My Ratings

Holly started her writing career as a news journalist, where she was nominated for Best Print Journalist of the Year. She then spent six years working as an editor, a relationship advisor, and general ‘agony aunt’ for a youth charity – helping young people with their relationships and mental health.

Inspired by what she saw, she started writing teen fiction, including the best-selling, award-winning ‘Spinster Club’ series which helps educate teenagers about feminism. When she turned thirty, Holly wrote her first adult novel, 'How Do You Like Me Now?', examining the intensified pressures on women once they hit that landmark.

Alongside her writing, Holly has a keen interest in women’s rights and is an advocate for reducing the stigma of mental health problems. She’s helped create online apps that teach young people about sexual consent, works with Women’s Aid to spread awareness of abusive relationships, and runs Rethink’s mental health book club.
Source: Goodreads 

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Home of a Book Lover is going back!

Hello lovely readers!

First of all, I want to apologize for being missing in action for the past three or four months? I also apologize for the unanswered emails, I've been really busy with work that it came to the point where I work more than twelve (12) hours. Aside from my work, I have to study some work related things as well so my time for reading and blogging are pretty much gone. It was really stressful! Hope you guys understand and won't get tired following my blog. 

Anyways, I am slowly going back, I'm trying to catch up from the lost times! It is a bit hard though but I am trying....... pardon me. I'll post reviews of the books that I've finished. Once of these days it will be up. Also, I had to catch up on my emails, I got a hundred plus! OMG!!! Give me time to read all those. 

Again, I will be posting blogs again soonest, some of my work projects are already done. And I'm reading a few books lately so I will just finish those. I can't wait to be posting stuff again. I missed you all a lot, I miss writing and of course reading! 

Have a great day everyone! 

PS. I created more poems lately, I'll share some of it as well. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blog Tour [Excerpt]: More Than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer

-- BLURB --
Rev Fletcher is battling the demons of his past. But with loving adoptive parents by his side, he’s managed to keep them at bay...until he gets a letter from his abusive father and the trauma of his childhood comes hurtling back.

Emma Blue spends her time perfecting the computer game she built from scratch, rather than facing her parents’ crumbling marriage. She can solve any problem with the right code, but when an online troll’s harassment escalates, she’s truly afraid.

When Rev and Emma meet, they both long to lift the burden of their secrets and bond instantly over their shared turmoil. But when their situations turn dangerous, their trust in each other will be tested in ways they never expected. This must-read story will once again have readers falling for Brigid Kemmerer’s emotional storytelling.


“Rev,” Declan says. “If you want to believe in God, fine. If you want to debate theology, fine. If you want to believe a higher power offered you some protection, fine. Btu every mark on your body—your father did that. Your father. You survived what he did to you. You got yourself out of there. And you walked yourself over here tonight. You, Rev. You did that.”
                I can’t breathe. He’s never said these things to me. I feel as if I’m made of stone, and Declan has struck me with a chisel, sending cracks along my surface.
                And suddenly, I know I can’t tell him about the letter. About the e-mails. Not tonight. He won’t understand why I sent the first e-mail. He won’t understand why I let it go on.
                “Are you okay?” he says.
                My breath shakes. “Do you know the story of the Prodigal Son?”
                “Oh my god. Rev—”
                “Do you?”
                He sighs. “I don’t remember the whole thing.
                So I tell him the story.
                He listens. When I’m done, he says, “What does that have to do with anything?”
                “Which one am I?” I finally ask.
                I didn’t stay with my father. So I’m obviously not the devoted son.”
                “But is that saying that if I went back to him, he’d welcome me with open arms? Am I supposed to be that son?”
                “Are you listening to yourself right now?”
                “No.” I study him. My voice is a breath away from breaking. “Help me, Dec. Which one am I?”
                His eyes are dark and serious. “Neither. Is that what you need me to say? You’re neither son.”
                “You’re not selfish. You wouldn’t be the son who asks for his money and leaves. And you’re not spiteful. You don’t resent anyone, even the one person you should.”
                I flinch again. “Don’t you understand? I have to be one or the other.”
                “No, you don’t! You moron, there are three people in the story.”
                “You’re neither son, Rev. If you’re anyone, you’re the man who watches his kids act like total dicks, only to stand there with open arms and forgive them.”
                I’m speechless. I might be gaping at him. As many times as I’ve read that parable, I’ve never considered a third perspective. But of course it’s right there. It’s so clear.
                Declan pulls his pillow away from the wall, fluffs it up, and lies back down. He yawns. “Now. Tell me about the girl.”
Rafflecopter link for giveaway—one copy of the book (open to US/Canada only)

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